Root Canal Therapy in Kenmore WA

Root canal therapy is performed to cure infections inside a tooth that have developed decay and extend deep enough to reach the tooth pulp. If the decay-causing bacteria infect the pulp, then it has to be removed. Or else, the infection will spread to the surrounding tissues, causing inflammation, swellings, and other painful conditions.

What Is a Root Canal?

The inside of every tooth has a hollow space comprising the pulp, nerves, and blood vessels. The pulp essentially keeps the tooth alive and helps teeth to detect heat and cold temperatures. When the pulp becomes infected, a root canal procedure eliminates the diseased tissues and restores the tooth. The symptoms of a root canal infection may include pain, inflammations, and abscesses. 

Root Canal Therapy Procedure 

Root canal therapy involves cutting a small opening in a tooth, removing the infected pulp, and then sealing the tooth.

We will begin the procedure by numbing your tooth and the surrounding area with local anesthesia. The affected tooth is separated with a rubber dam to keep your tooth clean and free of contamination. Then a drill is used to create a tiny opening on the surface of your tooth to access the pulp.

Next, the diseased pulp is removed, and the insides of the tooth are cleaned with a dental file. We will use a cleaning solution to flush out the cavity and make sure no contaminants are present. After meticulous cleaning of the cavity, the area is filled with medicated material called gutta-percha and topped with a temporary filling.

After a few days, the treated tooth is sealed with a permanent filling. A dental restoration such as a crown is placed over the impaired tooth to strengthen the tooth further. The crown can be matched with your existing teeth and blend in effortlessly.

Aftercare for Root Canal Therapy

In most cases, a root canal procedure involves removing a substantial amount of the tooth structure, leaving it in a weakened state. A dental crown is required to strengthen and protect your tooth. Once you have your permanent restoration, you should take care of your teeth with efficient oral hygiene. To avoid infecting your tooth again, brush and floss regularly and undergo dental exams at least twice a year. It will help if you do not put much force on the impaired tooth by chewing and biting hard objects. 

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