Periodontal therapy in Kenmore WA

Tooth loss is a natural process of aging, and it can be prevented by practicing good oral hygiene and undertaking regular dental exams and teeth cleanings. Oral care must include caring for the teeth as well as the structures surrounding them, namely the gums and jawbone. At Amin Tabatabaian DDS PLLC, we offer a comprehensive range of gum care services to help patients maintain optimum periodontal health and enjoy a smile, looking and functioning at its best.

What Is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is an inflammatory condition that affects the gums, which are the hard and soft tissues surrounding and supporting your teeth. Gum disease is the result of the harmful bacteria present in the plaque and tartar deposits that build up around the teeth and under the gumline.

The progression of periodontal disease is often painless and, for a long time; it may not show any apparent symptoms. Hence it becomes significant to follow an efficient oral hygiene regime and schedule regular dental checkups and professional teeth cleanings. 

Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

  • Inflamed and swollen gums
  • Bleeding while brushing or flossing
  • Receding gums and exposed tooth root surfaces
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Bad breath in the mouth
  • Teeth that feel loose
  • Gaps between teeth 
  • Changes in the bite
  • Improper fit of the dentures
  • Pus discharge around the teeth and gums
  • Dull or sharp pain when biting down or chewing food

Standard Periodontal Therapy Services

Scaling and Root Planing

These deep teeth cleaning procedures are adequate to control gum disease. Plaque and tartar accumulations are meticulously removed from beneath the gum tissues using hand scalers and ultrasonic devices.

Crown Lengthening Surgery

Crown lengthening procedures help remove the excess gum and bone tissue from the tooth structure. The tooth is exposed to make the teeth look longer and the smile less gummy or to assist in securing a new dental crown.

Gum Grafting

The site of lost gum tissues is replenished to protect the tooth roots adequately. Gum grafting is done by taking healthy gum tissue from one area of the mouth or a donor tissue and placing it in the deficit area. 

Periodontal Plastic Surgery

 This surgery refers to the reshaping of the gum structures to give them a more pleasant appearance.

Pocket Reduction Surgery

These surgeries effectively remove bacteria and tartar from around the teeth and gumline, condense gingival pocket depth, restore lost tissue, and check the progression of the disease. 

To learn more about our periodontal therapies, visit our office, Amin Tabatabaian DDS PLLC, at 5701 Northeast Bothell Way Suite 3, Kenmore WA, 98028. You can also reach Dentist Kenmore WA at (425) 486-9233.


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