Dentures and Partials in Kenmore WA

Dentures are restorative appliances that replace missing teeth and help maintain the aesthetics of your face. The structures of the teeth provide the necessary support for your cheeks and jawbone. The lack of teeth will make your facial muscles to sag, giving you a more aged appearance.

The full or partial dentures will help you regain your smile back as well as your oral functions. The ability to eat your favorite foods that you may have avoided earlier will be restored.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures comprise a pink-colored base that is shaped like your gums. The prosthetic teeth made of acrylic plastic are mounted on this base. The whole set of dentures can be customized to make them look as natural as possible in your mouth.

The dentures can be designed based on the number of teeth that need replacement. They are available in two types, a full denture to replace all the missing teeth in the top and bottom arch of the mouth and a partial denture to reinstate a few missing ones. 

Dentures resting on your upper jaw cover the crest bone of the missing teeth and the palate of your mouth. The upper dentures are held in position by the suction force between the palate and the denture. The suction in the lower jawbone is comparatively less than that of the upper bone, making their fit less secure.  

Candidates for Dentures

Dentures cannot be suitable for everyone and several factors are considered before deciding your suitability for dentures. In the case of full dentures, you should have sufficient bone mass to hold the appliance in position. For partial dentures, the neighboring teeth should be in good shape to support them.

Types of Dentures

Full Dentures

Full dentures are customized, removable appliances for missing teeth. In the case of full dentures, all the remaining teeth in the upper and lower jawbone have to be pulled out before fitting them. Once the teeth have been removed, a particular duration is allowed for the gums to heal before the dentures are constructed.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures can be a perfect option for patients whose remaining teeth are in good condition. They comprise a metal framework that supports the replacement teeth. The dentures are held in place using clips that are fitted onto the remaining natural teeth. They have to be removed before going to sleep and kept soaked in a cleaning liquid overnight.

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