Oral Hygiene and Teeth Cleanings in Kenmore

Helping patients maintain their optimal level of oral health is our first priority. That’s why we emphasize patient education in oral hygiene, and twice a year dental checkups and professional teeth cleanings to keep teeth pearly white and healthy. Our Kenmore dental team works with patients to develop an in-office and at-home treatment plan that fits their needs, schedule, and budget. We always take a patient-centered approach to care, and we never recommend a one-size-fits-all solution. Our dentist and hygienists are happy to work with patients to determine the best at-home hygiene routine and professional cleaning schedule. We regularly help patients choose oral health care products, recommend additional treatments, and answer questions about oral hygiene. At Amin Taba, DDS, our goal is to give patients a reason to smile.

Best Practices in At-Home Oral Hygiene

Our Kenmore dental team usually has the opportunity to see smiles twice each year. The remaining 363 days of the year, oral health depends on patients’ ability to maintain an adequate oral hygiene routine at home. Depending on specific needs, we may recommend a custom home hygiene plan, but some best practices every patient should keep in mind include:

  • Brush teeth for two minutes two times a day EVERY day
  • Brush systematically not sporadically
  • Keep toothbrushes clean and dry by storing them bristle end up and uncovered
  • Floss teeth at least once every day
  • Make sure to floss both sides of every tooth and reach below the gum line
  • Use floss that fills the gaps between teeth (thicker or thinner depending on individual needs)
  • Consider using an antimicrobial mouth rinse between meals to keep teeth cleaner

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Tooth decay and gum disease occur as a result of the buildup of plaque. Plaque is a sticky, acidic biofilm secreted by bacteria as they absorb nutrients from foods and beverages. This plaque can be extremely acidic eating through enamel, and irritating gum tissue. If at-home hygiene is unable to remove plaque, it forms calcified crystals within it creating a layer of hardened plaque that cannot be removed with regular brushing and flossing alone. This hardened plaque is referred to as calculus or tartar. The longer plaque and tartar remain unremoved, the more damage they can cause to teeth and gums. That’s why regular, professional teeth cleanings are essential. During an oral hygiene appointment patients can expect:

  • Thorough removal of plaque and tartar
  • Gum tissue examination
  • Polishing of teeth
  • Recommendations for at-home care
  • Fluoride treatment or dental sealants when necessary
  • Education on nutrition, tooth brushing, flossing, and tobacco cessation
  • Cleaning and adjustment of full and partial The Importance of Oral Hygiene & Teeth Cleanings

Find Out More

Whether it’s been more than six months or six years since your last professional teeth cleaning, don’t wait another day. Our supportive team helps patients feel at ease, we never judge, and we work hard to help patients achieve and maintain their healthiest smiles. Contact Amin Taba, DDS and his Kenmore, WA dentistry team today. We’re happy to schedule a dental checkup and teeth cleaning.

Our Happy Patients

"Excellent staff at all levels. The very best. As a physician myself I truly appreciate their professionalism and highest quality of care."

Stan A.

"I’ve been getting my teeth cleaned at Dr. Taba’s office for the past few years and love being greeted by all of the positive smiling faces when I walk in. I have very sensitive teeth and Dr. Taba and the hygienists are always SO gentle and take extra care to make sure I’m never in pain. Dr. Taba’s genuine care and love for his patients shines through his kind demeanor and great attention to detail. I can always trust him to get the job done exceedingly well and ease my anxiety about being at the dentist."

Lauren W.

"I came for a cleaning, exam, and X-rays while they were having a special. All three for $112! It had been over a year since I had been to the dentist and I had a few cavities that I was already aware of that would need to be filled. The cavities where confirmed during the cleaning and nothing else was noticed. Overall the cleaning and exam went great. They have a great staff on hand, a wonderful view of Lake Washington while relaxing in their massaging chairs. I was able to schedule a follow up visit for the cavities a few days after. This appointment was great as well! I will return for future dental work."

Brian W.
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