Why Should You Aspire to Get a White Smile? – Kenmore, WA

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Why do you think parents keep on asking their children to brush their teeth daily? Have you ever thought why dental professionals recommend checkups and cleanings twice a year? Perhaps, they have common reasons: to keep the teeth healthy and strong. If you are in a corporate world, you are probably thanking your parents for those little reminders. Because in reality, a white smile will get you pretty far.


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The Importance Of A White Smile

Is a bright smile on your bucket list? Maybe you should start working for it now! Here are the top benefits of having a healthy, white smile to give you motivation:

  • No one looks ugly when smiling – unless they got dull-looking teeth. A white smile is an investment for yourself. Every day is a constant process of building “a good first impression” so it is vital to look your best as much as possible.
  • People do not need to buy hefty designer’s clothes to feel good as a white smile can already spark one’s confidence! Pearly-white teeth will give you the freedom to laugh your heart out.
  • The physical appearance of a person plays a significant role in establishing a career. During job interviews or business meetings, for instance, those with a white smile are more likely to succeed than those with low self-confidence due to the unpleasant look of their teeth.
  • A white smile increases one’s positive outlook in life. When people start to feel good about the appearance of their teeth, this positive feeling will eventually radiate all over their system – like a domino effect!


Start Whitening Your Teeth Now!

Upon reading the advantages of having a great smile, you might want to try a teeth-whitening treatment. There are many options that you can consider in the market today. But if you want real results, talk to us at Amin Taba, DDS. We provide take-home professional teeth whitening that is designed for the patient’s comfort, safety, and convenience. This treatment comes with a bleaching gel and tray which is custom-fitted for each patient. The bleaching tray is meant to be worn for about half an hour each day. In a week or so, dramatical changes in one’s smile are revealed.


Give your smile a boost! Book an appointment with Amin Taba, DDS and check out our Teeth Whitening treatment in Kenmore, WA. We are located at 5701 NE Bothell Way, Suite 3, Kenmore, WA 98028.