Who Are Best Qualified for Porcelain Veneers? – Kenmore, WA

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Dentistry has its way of making people smile literally. Those who are afraid to show off their pearly whites because of certain teeth imperfections can now flaunt them confidently after undergoing cosmetic dental treatments. If you have a dull-looking smile, for instance, professional teeth whitening can brighten it up. For a chipped tooth, dental bonding can cure it fast. Even people with multiple teeth flaws can beautify their smiles with only one solution: Porcelain Veneers.

A cracked or stained tooth needs the help of porcelain veneers to appear healthy-looking once again. The thin, shell-like protheses conceal teeth irregularities—they can even make the smile look aligned. Porcelain veneers can also cater to people with gapped teeth. At Amin Taba, DDS, you are welcome to avail this type of cosmetic dentistry treatment in our clinic. But before you receive the prostheses, we will first conduct an assessment to know if you fit well for porcelain veneers.




Indeed, porcelain veneers are not for everyone. But they are suited for people with the qualifications listed below:

A Sound Oral Health

Gum disease, tooth decays, teeth infections—these conditions may affect the state of porcelain veneers. So before investing in the said smile enhancer, it is advised to treat these complications primarily.

Sufficient Enamel

Patients should have adequate enamel to provide porcelain veneers with an excellent foundation.

Free from Teeth Grinding Habit

Like the teeth, porcelain veneers are not immune to damage when exposed to constant pressures. That is why our practice encourages patients with bruxism (teeth grinding) to get themselves a night guard if they are planning to invest in porcelain veneers. By wearing the protective device, they can secure not just their real teeth but the smile enhancer as well.

Fairly Straight Teeth

While porcelain veneers can fix minimal crookedness, they can’t treat severe misalignments. Patients with severe bite problems or overly misaligned teeth can consider orthodontics instead.

Confirm your candidacy for porcelain veneers by setting an initial consultation in our clinic. If you have questions in mind, feel free to approach us. Our team is always ready to help you!


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