Ways to Keep the Gums in Tip-Top Shape! – Kenmore, WA

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Aside from the teeth, the gums and other oral structures make up the whole mouth. Do know that the gums play a vital role in keeping the teeth securely intact. If the gums are jeopardized, the teeth are more likely to suffer as well. Fortunately, caring for the gums is not that complicated as people may think.

At Amin Taba, DDS, we are always ready to take actions for our patient’s overall oral wellness. Aside from offering a wide range of dental care services, we will also provide some easy tips to follow at home. We believe that apart from professional dental care, patients can also do their part in caring for their overall oral health. With that said, here are some tips to keep the gums healthy!


Dental Checkup


Gum Care Tips

Brush at least twice a day

Brushing is a simple practice that not only cleans the teeth but gets rid of substances that cling in between the pearly whites and along the gumline. Cleaning these areas prevent harmful particles from causing problems like the formation of plaque, tartar, and gum inflammation. However, using just any toothbrush would not do. It is best to pick those with soft bristles to get rid of debris effectively without causing the soft tissues harm.

Flossing regularly

The best follow up after brushing the teeth is flossing. Although a toothbrush can clean the mouth, there are still some areas it cannot reach. That is where a floss comes in handy. It can cover more areas of the mouth to provide a more thorough clean.

Use fluoridated products

Fluoride is a natural mineral that keeps the teeth and gums strong by forming a barrier that combats the attack of bacteria and acids. Patients are advised to choose oral care products like toothpaste and mouthwash with the said mineral to get the adequate amount necessary for continuous protection.

Quit smoking

Aside from being bad for the body, one more reason to stop smoking is that it makes oral health more vulnerable to complications. For example, smokers are more at risk of gum disease since their immune system is too weak to fight off an infection. It may even delay one’s recovery due to slower healing.

Seek professional assistance

Patients are highly advised to schedule regular cleanings and checkups. Doing so lessens their risk of developing complications that can put their overall health at risk. Aside from this, it is also necessary for them to schedule an appointment if any irregularities are spotted. For example, bleeding gums. This symptom should not be regarded as normal since it is actually the most common sign of gum inflammation – the first stage of gum disease referred to as gingivitis.


Are you concerned about the state of your gums? We at Amin Taba, DDS got your back! Do not hesitate to see us for a Periodontal Disease Treatment in Kenmore, WA. Our dentist will diagnose the cause of the complication so that solutions would be provided accordingly. Call or visit us to know more about the said service.