Is It Safe to Undergo Teeth Whitening?

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Who wouldn’t want a brighter smile? Not only does it make the teeth look clean, but it also boosts your confidence. Especially in today’s modern technology, Teeth Whitening is now available in different methods. But are they safe?

Teeth Whitening has been available for so many years that it has now become safe for the majority of people. 


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Teeth Whitening Treatment Options

When you consider getting a teeth whitening, there are generally two options, either opt for the treatment by yourself in the comfort of your home, or with a professional at a dental office of your choice. The commonality is that both options make use of peroxide-based bleaching agents. They differ by the amount or volume of bleaching being used.

Teeth Whitening in the dental office is, without a doubt, a more effective and faster solution since you are getting treatment from the professionals. Dentists are professionally trained at using peroxide for whitening treatments so rest assured that you are in good hands. At Amin Taba, DDS in Kenmore, we have performed Teeth Whitening procedures for countless of times. 

On the other hand, if you go for the at-home teeth whitening, there are several products for you to choose from, each with its own requirements and level of results. Regardless of the product you choose, make sure to understand and apply the instructions as indicated in the package. The direction would include the number of times you would apply the whitener, and how long they must stay on your teeth. Carefully following the directions also reassures your safety.


Teeth Whitening is Safe

The American Dental Association considers teeth whitening as safe. However, for pregnant women, it is generally not advised to undergo teeth whitening. If you suspect a medical history would affect your teeth whitening, make sure to seek advice or alternative from your dentist.


Our dental team at Amin Taba, DDS is happy to help you brighten the shade of your smile! You’ll be treated by qualified and trained professionals. Connect with our dental office if you need Teeth Whitening in Kenmore, WA. Our dental office is located at 5701 NE Bothell Way, Suite 3, Kenmore, WA 98028. Best if you can call us to make an appointment.