Good Food Selection for a Good Dental Health

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If you think that brushing and flossing are enough to keep the oral health in shape, you are wrong! Proper nutrition is a must too! The body is a complex machine, and the foods consumed can affect your general health; including the teeth and gums. Eating a nutritious and balanced diet promotes a healthier oral condition. To help, here is a list of foods we at Amin Taba, DDS prepared which can help improve the overall oral health.


Fluoridated Water

Believe it or not, tap water is one of the best beverages that can help you maintain excellent oral health. How so? Because of its fluoride content that forms a barrier that makes the teeth resistant to harmful acid attacks which can lead to cavities.



Milk, cheese, yogurt, and other types of dairy products are mouth-friendly. Aside from being low in sugar, they also contain calcium and protein that helps strengthen the teeth.


Protein-rich foods

Meat, poultry, fish, milk, and eggs which are rich in phosphorus are not only beneficial for the body but to the teeth as well. These foods contain valuable protein that helps in keeping the teeth strong.


Fruits and Vegetables

As being a part of a healthy diet, it is already given that fruits and veggies are beneficial for the body. These foods contain fiber and are also high in sugar which balances their sugar content while cleaning the teeth. Chewing on fruits and vegetables promote the production of saliva that washes away harmful food debris and acids.



Nuts contain protein and minerals which are beneficial for the overall health. Plus, they are also low in carbohydrates, meaning it does not increase your risk of developing cavities. And like veggies and fruits, chewing nuts increases saliva in the mouth.


For a healthy living, think before you eat and drink. Healthy eating is a vital part of achieving excellent oral health status, so be mindful about the things you consume. However, having a good selection of foods and proper oral hygiene habits is not enough; it is still crucial for everyone to see the dentist. Aside from the necessary examinations and treatments, they may even add more to the list of foods to consume for better oral health!

Nobody wants to mess with their health, so take action on how you can prevent any adverse effects on your dental state. Here at Amin Taba, DDS, we provide an excellent Family Dentistry Services in Kenmore, WA to help you in getting the essential dental care you need. Talk to us by setting an appointment now. Our dental clinic is located at 5701 NE Bothell Way, Suite 3, Kenmore, WA 98028.