5 Tips for Teaching Kids to Brush

5 Tips for Teaching Kids to Brush

5 Tips for Teaching Kids to Brush

Getting kids to follow a healthy brushing routine can be taxing for parents. Here are a few tips they could use for that.

Choose the Cutest Toothbrush

Children enjoy bright colors and toys, so why not let them select a toothbrush that represents their personality? Instead of a simple, solid-color child's toothbrush, look for one with a colorful design or, even better, one with her favorite cartoon character on it. If you take your child to the shop with you to choose her own toothbrush, he/she will be more enthused about cleaning his/her teeth in general.

Make It Enjoyable

Kids enjoy playing games and having fun, so don't make cleaning their teeth a chore for them. Playing a song on your phone or a little radio not only keeps your child entertained but will also serve as a timer. They can dance and be funny, but most importantly, they will keep cleaning their teeth.

Be a Role Model for Your Kids

Brush your teeth alongside your kids. Rather than standing on the sidelines, accompany them to the mirror and explain correct brushing methods. Your kids will follow your method. They will be more inclined to persist with it if they believe it is something you can accomplish together.

Maintain A Positive Attitude

Encouragement is crucial. Tell your children that they are doing well and that you are proud of them. Be patient with your kid and recognize that everything is relatively new to them. They may make mistakes, such as dropping toothpaste on the counter or swallowing by accident, but stay cool while you correct them. 

If you respond too strongly, they may acquire a bad attitude toward cleaning their teeth and become resistant to it in the future.

Make It a Habit

Your little ones should clean their teeth at least once a day. When it comes to creating good habits, consistency is the key. Make a weekly chart and reward your child with a sticker each time they wash their teeth. This is a fun method to keep track of their progress while also reminding them of the importance of keeping their teeth clean.

Most importantly, scheduling frequent dental visits should also be a part of your habit for lasting oral health.

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